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each event. Expect our technicians to be professionally spoken, cleanly groomed, technically proficient and dressed appropriate to each event. Our technicians have been working in the corporate market for many years thus they understand how to care for your executive presenters.
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Camera Men
Audio Tech
Above all other aspects, our focus is on customer service. We understand that we are there to serve and exceed our clients needs. Whether the need is technical or
otherwise we will be looking to see how we can help the event process as a whole.
Video Tech
Audio & Graphic Techs
Our technicians uphold our commitment to customer service while working at
High Caliber Technicians


KnightPro recognizes how pivotal equipment
can be in a live event. We will always provide well maintained and current equipment for your event.
Video Switcher
During purchasing we choose the highest quality brands
over the more budget conscious models. We strive to always provide backup solutions to the primary gear that is onsite at your meeting. Common examples include projectors being sent with spare lamps while wireless mics will be sent with spare channels.
Sony Camera
Reliable and Up-To-Date Equipment







Audio Tech
Video Control
KnightPro has a history of working well with your venue/hotel of choice. We will communicate with the local hotel planner on room availability, load in load out requests and work with the hotel to provide scaled drawings of the event. We recognize that there are many partners to make an event successful and we must treat all of them with the courtesy that we would our main client.
At every stage of your event our goal is to provide professional and courteous service. This starts with our careful choices on equipment but then is delivered by our technicians caring for your meeting.