Lighting: Rigging
30"x30" Aluminum Truss Base: TomCat
30" Base
Resource Downloads:
30"x30" Truss Base Plate.pdf
12"x12" Medium Duty Truss: TomCat
2', 6' and 10' currently offered
12" Truss
Resource Downloads:
12" Truss Product Specs.pdf
Rigging Mount for Sanyo PLC Projetors
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Custom CrossBar Berger Clamp
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Alumalok Airwall Hangar
750lb rating
Resource Downloads:
Alumalok Spec Sheet.pdf

Key Features:
- Fits in most hotel airwall tracks
- Quick visual indication of top clamp location when viewing from bottom.

- Easily connect Berger clamp or 1/2" coarse threaded bolt
- Can connect 1-3 Lekos directly to Alumalok. Up to (8) fixtures can be suspended by using (2) Alumaloks, (2)double bergers and 10' rigging pipe.

Slings and Shackles
Steelflex, Tuflex and 5/8"
Spanset and 5/8" Shackle
Tuflex vs. Steelflex
Resource Downloads:
Sling Spec Sheet.pdf

Key Features:
- Steelflex can be used without secondary steel safety sling for fire protection
- Tuflex has high flexibility and workability, but must be used in conjunction with a steel safety when used as a primary restraint.

- 5/8" Shackles are most common size in production rigging.